Thursday, April 24, 2014

Strong Arming the Boundaries

Back in the days of Wildfire Fighting, I used to think it was the coolest thing to be super buff. That an attractive quality in a female was to be able to throw a man over your head. And that an attractive quality in a male was to be able to throw the woman back.

In the modeling industry, women are encouraged to have toned but noodlesque arms that are pleasing but not visibly strong. Too much bicep and suddenly the woman is considered masculine and ugly.

In the same regard men come in a variety of flavors. Some are fit models with rippling biceps and pecs. Others are twinks with similar noodley formed guns as the women. 

Why can't both be acceptable for both? Why can women be seen in a soft wedding dress with blazing pythons? Or in a casual flowing cupped sleeve shirt with bursting biceps and forarms? Why is the commercial world so afraid of physically strong women? Why must women water down their exercise routines to avoid being able to lift a couple chainsaws at a time?

Our world is no longer a one where we need to tiptoe around the same life and death labor decisions our nomadic ancestors had to. Our work field has diversified in skill and our households diversified in provision. It should be ok for people to nurture their bodytypes in manners that are comfortable and healthy. Without restriction.

I am both a slender male and a well figured female. And either way I could carry you from a burning building. My ability to do makes me neither more or less attractive in either gender form. Or more or less capable of being addressed in either gender form.

If someone doesn't find you appealing just the way you are, it's fine. You aren't going to marry them so move on. Find someone who loves every inch of your body and soul. Because at the end of the day we spend so much time pleasing others because their happiness makes us happy. If it didn't... We wouldn't try so hard.

So here's a secret shortcut. Make YOU happy in the first place and you'll cut out the middle people.

(This blog is the first one in a while. So hang in there! More will be coming shortly!)