Friday, February 28, 2014



Hey FASHION SHOW PRODUCER NUMBER ONE OF TWO, It was great to see you last night, as well as some of the lovely ladies I've modeled with back in the day.

I wanted to reach out to you because last night I left feeling pretty upset about the production. There were many positives, such as e makeup, some of the model choices, theme, and energy that made it an exciting experience to witness.

But to be honest, the SHOW itself was very painful. Before I talk about why, I want to say that this email is coming from a place of respect and a desire to see you succeed in creating more impactful serious events. It is in no way a personal dig at you nor does it reflect my intentions with our future friendship.

First of all, while having alcohol in the dressing room can be fun for a quick toast, and understandably the birthday girls were smashed... encouraging models to drink constantly by refilling their glasses every other second will always result in the woolly, drunked, glazed, and sloppy walking that only lingerie can emphasize as sleazy.... Not fashion. Most of the girls could barely make it to the end of the runway... And when they stood on the top of the box, a few of them teetered barely able to stay up.

Second of all, a few of the models weren't even in clothing that fit them... At ALL. Especially in lingerie, if you want this to be a FASHION show and not a "here's my body, imagine fucking me because I'm practically naked" make sure to approve all outfits. Make sure they are tasteful and actually FIT the models. The lingerie from last night could have been really classy but due to the way it was worn by some, it just came across as slutty. Like a bad bachelor party.

Thirdly sending models who are BARELY dressed into a room that is 90% male when both the men and your models are CLEARLY intoxicated BEFORE a show is wrong. Just wrong. You are jeopardizing the integrity of your models, pimping out their bodies for your reputation, and  putting them in potentially compromising situations in which they could get sexually, physically, or emotionally harassed. When you do that, it cheapens your own image as well as the models and if you really look into it shows how little you think of them.

Fourthly and lastly, YOUR FELLOW PRODUCER at the end of the runway has got to put his dick back in his pants and out of his head. At the end of the runway, he was standing in a position that allowed him to help the models onto the platform. Right off the bat when the first model stepped onto the platform and turned around, he pointed to her bottom and said "see that nice ass?" Then proceeded to pretend to smack it... To which the other security guy who was helping her laughed and also commented. This type of lude behavior was speckled throughout the performance.  These kinds of comments... From your own partner in crime producer. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. needless to say that this is disgusting. Absolutely in UN fathomably disgusting and just trashy. How DARE someone... ANYONE... ESPECIALLY one of you two do that to these girls? How dare you treat them like one dollar hookers and make fun of them at their expense in front of your audience while they innocently do the show that you asked them to be a part of?! Is that really how you want to be seen? Is that really how you want people to remember your shows? "Oh yeah, Karen it was amazing! The girls were soooo drunk it was HILLARIOUS, and barely dressed omg! It was soooo funny because even the producer was pretending to smack their asses".

THESE GIRLS TRUSTED YOU. When you ask them to be in a FASHION SHOW for YOU, you are asking them to meld their image and reputations with YOURS. None of these girls are getting paid.... Oh wait they are-in exposure. Exposure of what? Their bodies? There were no talent scouts, newspapers, magazines, or buyers there! They only people that seemed ready to invest in any of the girl's futures, were simply looking to get sucked off for the night... For five dollars or less. When you aren't paying your models, and they aren't getting any further in their careers being in your production then at least offer some basic standards. PROTECT YOUR GIRLS... Don't whore them out in dental floss underwear to promote your image to drooling drunks potentially volatile people. A model should expect to feel safe. That mean s they trust your choice in wardrobe, you have the power to keep them sober and clear, and you hold their integrity at the highest level, treating them with the highest respects.

BE EFFICIENT their time is money even if you aren't paying it. Don't keep your models in a tight space for 6 hours running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Next time have models show up in stages so that they don't wait around for hours doing nothing. Give people time slots to get hair and makeup. Little organization couldn't hurt. (Feeding people wouldn't be a bad idea either)

But most importantly, these people are YOUR FACE. If you treat them in demeaning, derogatory, sexually perverse, disrespectful ways PUBLICALLY DURING YOUR SHOW then you should change your event titles from FASHION SHOW to PEEP SHOW. This is an industry where SEX DOES SELL but that does not MEAN SEXUAL SELLS. If you are ignorant of the wrongs of last  night then You need to learn the fine line between sexy and sexual.

Ultimately many of these models are my friends, and many I do not know. However, they are people who are holding dreams of becoming something bigger. They are people who hope to one day grace Vogue, W, NYFW, Milan, etc. These are people who eat less, work more, and spend hours working on their external beauty in order to fit a mold. They come to YOUR SHOW not because your shows are like Yoga or some sport club. Its not for a fun thing TO DO most of the time. It is because you are offering a means to an end. YOU are offering an opportunity to get one step closer to that dream!

And you are ruining it for them. ANY AGENCY in the country that's serious would never sign a model that was working a show like that. They would say , if the model would let themselves be treated like that what kind of standards are they holding for themselves? Why would our clients want to be affiliated with this standards.

You have a real opportunity to elevate these women's lives and help them achieve these dreams. If models that walk for you start getting signed, it boosts YOUR reputation too! But that will never happen on the track you are on. You need to change course, or start being more real with these women about what you are really offering them... An opportunity to have shameless slut time in front of a crowd of drunken guys at a bar no one really cares about for your own gain.

As said before this isn't an attack on you as a friend. This is simply a real view of you as a professional from someone in the professional industry. That being said, AS A FRIEND if I hear that this quality of production continues, I WILL have to distance myself from you. I will also, as the friend off many Bay Area models that you utilize, will have to ask them to distance themselves too. Because as a friend, I know that currently any affiliation of what you have to offer as a professional... Will only ruin their opportunities and dreams.


  1. Thanks for your passion and your truth. I would like to know who these producers are. I have a good friend name Colleen Quen who is a designer who needs to be advised of what went down. She would advise her friends in the business about this. I'm glad I found your spot here. Em

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